Divert NS has a history of bringing together key stakeholders look at new opportunities for waste diversion. Our summits have been a successful catalyst for change in our province.

Agricultural Waste to Resource Summit

March 2018  

On March 6, Divert NS hosted the Agricultural Waste to Resource Summit to showcase innovative waste to resource initiatives already happening on-farm, highlight current challenges in managing agricultural waste, and identify opportunities for agriculture and waste management to work together in Nova Scotia. Guests at the one-day summit included farmers and agricultural associations; municipal, federal and provincial government; environmental organizations; and academia.

Presentations as follows: 

Photos of the summit are available here. (Note: Photos are copyright Divert NS 2018. If you download and share photos, please credit Divert NS.)

Business Innovators Summit

October 2017

On October 11, Divert NS hosted the Business Innovators Summit to promote and showcase innovative waste diversion companies in Nova Scotia; encourage collaboration opportunities to help the industry grow by providing more material or access to material; and stimulate discussion and generate new business opportunities in Nova Scotia.

Guests at the one-day summit included businesses, regulators, government and academia. Various presentations including two business panels took place throughout the day, with presentations as follows:

Photos from the event are available here. (Note: Photos are copyright Divert NS 2017. If you download and share photos, please credit Divert NS.)

Hosting and facilitation were provided at the Business Innovators Summit by NATIONAL Public Relations.

Food Waste Summit

March 2017

On March 2, Divert NS hosted a Food Waste Summit to increase awareness of the impacts of food waste and to profile initiatives that retailers, institutions and community groups are undertaking to reduce food waste in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

The one-day summit was attended by representatives from retail, academic institutions, the National Zero Waste Council, community groups, and provincial, municipal and federal governments.


The event wrapped up with a stakeholder engagement session on the National Food Waste Reduction Strategy, led by Andrew Marr from the National Zero Waste Council Food Waste Working Group. Participants discussed Canada’s National Zero Waste Council’s multi-year, comprehensive strategy focused on:

  • Reducing greenhouse gases
  • Promoting innovation and clean technology
  • Lowering garbage disposal costs
  • Building community resiliency by increasing family access to foodstuffs
  • Engaging Canadians to become part of the solution.

Photos from the event are available here(Note: Photos are copyright Divert NS 2017. If you download and share photos, please credit Divert NS.)

The summit was presented in partnership with Walmart Canada and Nova Scotia Environment, with hosting and facilitation by NATIONAL Public Relations.

Circular Economy Summit

June 2016

Divert NS, in partnership with Nova Scotia Environment, hosted a one day summit to bring together key stakeholders to discuss the Circular Economy. The goal of the event was to raise awareness about the circular economy, learn how it is advancing in other parts of Canada and abroad, and to determine how Nova Scotia might find opportunity by connecting to this concept. The Summit highlighted several Nova Scotia businesses that demonstrate the circular economy through their existing business models. The Summit also highlighted research being done within government and also at a local university, and explored the benefits of the sharing economy. Almost 80 people attended the Circular Economy Summit, representing a wide variety of organizations, including provincial and municipal governments, university and academic institutions, private businesses, non-profits, and reuse organizations.      

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Summit

January 2016

In partnership with Nova Scotia Environment, Divert NS hosted a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Summit to bring key stakeholders together to facilitate discussion on how to increase efficiency and improve operations at HHW facilities. During the morning presentations, stakeholders shared their best practices for managing HHW, and the afternoon session highlighted EPR Programs for HHW that exist in other provinces.

Printed Paper & Packaging Stewardship Summit

June 2014

Divert NS in partnership with Nova Scotia Environment and the Waste Resource Association of Nova Scotia (WRANS) hosted a Printed Paper & Packaging Summit to inform municipal stakeholders about programs in other parts of Canada, and initiate discussion on the challenges and opportunities related to a future printed paper and packaging program in Nova Scotia.

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