Sorting Guides

Recycling and composting collection are managed by your local municipality, and Nova Scotia has seven waste management regions. Learn more about the curbside recycling and composting collection in your area.

With our sorting guides, you can…

  • Access, download and print a collections calendar based on your address.
  • Set up email, text or email reminders for your collections.
  • Search by waste item, and we'll tell you how to recycle or dispose of it.
  • Find out where to donate clothing near you.

Download the provincial waste sort guide for more information.

Did You Know...?

Recycling sorting guidelines differ throughout the province. Before sorting, check your municipality’s sort guide – most also have a waste app you can download.

PET containers are one of the more valuable items for recycling centres — but only if they are clean! Rinsing your containers means that more make it to recycling.

Sharps should never be placed in recyclable containers or put out for curbside waste collection. It is bad for the environment and dangerous for waste collection workers.