Divert NS provides funding for a variety of programs to support waste diversion and reduction efforts across the province. Many materials end up in landfills simply because we do not yet know of a way to reduce, reuse, or recycle them. Reducing and diverting these problematic materials requires new solutions.

Innovation and insight for solving these challenges can come from many different sources — whether you’re a business, municipality or student, we may be able to provide funding to assist in your efforts to reduce or divert materials from Nova Scotia landfills. Divert NS particularly values innovation in funding opportunities relating to reduction, waste diversion, increased efficiency, and market development.

Funding types available:

Project applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Overall project description including budget, timelines, etc.
  • Level of innovation
  • Impact of the project
    • Amount of waste to be diverted
    • New or improved end markets
    • Increased efficiency of process or program
  • Economic impact and social benefit
  • Experience of the research team Partnerships, including with industry or other funding agencies

If one of the funding programs above is well suited to your project, contact Divert NS’ Business Development Officer for guidance prior to submitting an application. Submit an application by emailing:, subject line: Funding Inquiry.

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