Litter In Nova Scotia

A look at roadsides and sidewalks in municipalities across the province provides valuable insight for education and prevention.

Image of the infographic

Understanding Litter Through Research

Divert NS is committed to helping tackle litter in our province. We work with local consultancies to uncover current litter research, on the ground.

For example, this recent Behavioural Research helps us to gain a clearer understanding of litter behaviour, identify successful litter reduction strategies, as well as potential interventions to reduce litter in Nova Scotia.

Image of stats from the littler infographic.

Divert NS also led an audit of roadside litter at 75 sites across Nova Scotia. This survey provides a comprehensive review of litter accumulation and expands our knowledge on litter types and occurrences.

Two poster images of the DNS litter campaign

Some visuals from our ongoing awareness campaign.