Girl Guides Crest

The Divert NS Litter Champion Girl Guides crest offers an opportunity for Girl Guides in Nova Scotia to demonstrate leadership in environmental stewardship.

The Divert NS Litter Champion Girl Guides Crest

Divert NS is committed to helping tackle litter in our province. We provide funding to The Great Nova Scotia Pick Me Up and the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway litter cleanup programs to support volunteers in cleaning up Nova Scotia’s roadways, beaches, and parks.

The Divert NS Litter Champion Crest provides an opportunity for Girl Guides to demonstrate the intersection of girl driven leadership and environmental stewardship.

Divert NS created the Litter Champion crest to be awarded to participating groups in Nova Scotia who complete the crest requirements. Throughout the process of earning the crest, participants will learn about waste reduction, the impact our waste has on the planet, and different ways to take meaningful action to reduce litter. 

Girl Guides Crest Requirements

Eligible guiding groups include Sparks, Embers, Guides, Pathfinders, and Rangers.

Step 1: Learn about the problem

  • Invite your local Waste Reduction Educator to give a presentation to your unit. Learn about ‘What Goes Where’ and how we can all do our part to care for the environment! To request a presentation, contact your local Waste Reduction Educator here and send them an email with the subject line Presentation Request for Girl Guide Litter Reduction Crest. Please include your preferred date(s) and time(s), as well as the location of the meeting.
  • Watch the Waste Not News Textile Waste video (EN) (FR)
  • Watch the Waste Not News Climate Change video (EN) (FR)
  • Watch the Waste Not News Ocean Plastics Video (EN) (FR)

*Note, this can be done during your Waste Educator presentation or separately.

Step 2: Take action!

  • Register for a litter cleanup with The Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up & receive your free cleanup supplies. 
  • Host a litter cleanup for your unit! Cleanups can happen anywhere, around your meeting space, at the park, at the beach, or at a community event. 
  • After your cleanup, don’t forget to fill out your data card to record how much litter you collected and submit it online here.
  • Caring for the environment is an ongoing commitment. Choose a pledge to reduce plastic waste and continue making a difference in your community!

Step 3: Celebrate your accomplishments!

  • Once you have completed all the above steps, send an email to your local Waste Reduction Educator with your unit name, including the number of girls that earned the crest, and a mailing address for your unit.