Value-Added Manufacturing Funding

Through our Value-Added Manufacturing funding, Divert NS provides funding for projects designed to commercialize new technology, products or services, with a focus on innovation. These projects may include developments of new or enhanced:

  • Products from solid waste-resources
  • Waste-resources processing and handling technologies
  • End markets for waste-resources
  • Processes or technology to increase efficiency

If Value-Added Manufacturing funding is well suited to your project, contact Divert NS for guidance prior to submitting an application. Submit an application by emailing:, subject line: Value-Added Manufacturing Funding Inquiry.

“When we were a new company in the Nova Scotia waste landscape, Divert NS was there to support Oberland Agriscience with a VAM project. Oberland needed to reach industrial scale process within our pilot facility, Divert NS and the VAM project support provided leveraged funding for procurement of large-scale industrial equipment. However, Oberland did not just benefit from generous financial support, but also with introductions to key stakeholders in the space. We met valuable government, consultant and industry representatives through Divert NS. Three years after our initial introduction to Divert NS and we still touch base with the staff regularly, they are a value-add part of our support team. We definitely recommend Divert NS to other companies.”

Greg & Barbara, Oberland Agriscience
Oberland Greg

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