Creating Change

Discover how we’re making an impact, with your help.

We’re committed to being catalysts for change.

Our recycling programs, carried out by everyday Nova Scotians, stop a wide range of materials from being disposed of in our provincial landfills. These initiatives contribute to the province's impressive recycling rate, among the highest in Canada. Day by day, we’re improving the environment.

Did You Know...?

About 80% of Nova Scotia’s beverage containers with deposits are returned to Enviro-Depots each year.

In 2020, 421 million containers were returned for recycling at Enviro-Depots, independently owned and operated businesses across the province.

More than one million used tires are diverted from Nova Scotia’s landfills each year, conversing energy and protecting the environment. 

Recycling beverage containers and used tires in Nova Scotia saves 47,869 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

That’s the equivalent of removing 7,298 cars from the road annually, and worth $1.4 million under carbon pricing.

How You Can Help

These statistics are just a snapshot of how you can make a difference in the fight against climate change. 

You can get involved by learning more about recycling at home, cutting down on your waste, and helping educate the next generation.