Where it Goes

Before throwing away unwanted electronics, consider reusing them; donating them to family members, community groups, friends, or local charities like the Computers for Schools Program; or selling them through classified ads, a garage sale, or via online buy and sell sites.

If your electronic product has reached its end of useful life, you can recycle it free of charge through the following industry-led stewardship programs:


The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) manages unwanted electronic products, excluding cell phones. To find up to date information about EPRA Drop-Off Centre locations, the types of electronics accepted, and recycling fees, visit the EPRA-Nova Scotia website.

Cell Phones

Call2Recycle® is a North American used battery and cell phone collection program. For up to date information about drop-off locations, please visit Call2Recycle's website.

Recycle My Cell is a Canadian program that manages unwanted devices including cell phones, smartphones, wireless PDAs, device batteries, and pagers. Visit Recycle My Cell's website for information about drop-off locations. 

How it Works

As part of Nova Scotia’s Solid Waste Resource Management Regulations, most electronics have been banned from our landfills since 2008. The electronics recycling program was established by Divert NS in 2008, and the program is now administered by industry through the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA).

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