Used Bicycle Tires

Where It Goes

Nova Scotians can return used bicycle tires for recycling to any of the bicycle retail & repair shops on our Bicycle Tire Recycling Drop-Off Locations list. Tires must be dropped off during regular business hours. The Bicycle Tire Recycling Program is voluntary and free of charge—Divert NS covers the costs of running this program.

How It Works

Nova Scotians can bring used bicycle tires and tubes to any of the Bicycle Tire Recycling Drop-Off Locations. You can also recycle your old bicycle tires when having new tires installed by simply leaving any unwanted or worn-out bicycle tires and tubes at the registered bicycle shop.

The program is FREE for bicycle tire retailers, FREE for consumers, and applies to all bicycle tires and tubes except tubular tires, which are glued to special rims.

To participate as a drop-off location for the public, bicycle retailers must offer bicycle repair services to their customers and register with Divert NS. With assistance from us, the bike shop partners with a local automotive tire retailer, which is where they will bring the bundles of tires and tubes that they collect from the public. Divert NS will collect the bicycle tires from the automotive tire retailers when they collect on-road passenger tires for the Used Tire Management Program.

Used bicycle tires will be shipped to Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation (TRACC) in Minto, New Brunswick for recycling. The valve stems will be sold as brass scrap and the bicycle tires and tubes will be recycled into new moulded rubber products, like cow mats. For information about TRACC and their recycled products, visit their website at

For information on the proper disposal of non-program bicycle tires, contact your local municipality. For information about on-road vehicle tires, visit our Used Tire Recycling Program page.

Are you a bicycle retailer that is interested in becoming a drop-off location for bicycle tire recycling? Contact us at We’ll send you an information package, agreement form and a promotions kit.

Bicycle Retailers Drop-off Locations

View the list of participating Bicycle Tire Recycling Drop-Off Locations here.


Have more questions about used bicycle tire recycling in Nova Scotia? View our Bicycle Tire Recycling Program Q&A and download the Bicycle Tire Recycling Program Guidelines.

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