New Waste Not News Videos!

Waste Reduction

Waste Not News (WNN) is back with three new videos outlining trending topics including ocean plastics, climate change, and waste textiles! Each video presents these issues through a local lens and challenges youth to find ways to make a positive impact.

The videos are paired with curriculum-aligned resources that connect with key outcomes in Grade 7 & 8 subjects like Science, Social Studies, Technology Education, and English Language Arts. Each resource will provide students with background information on the issue, discussion topics, and classroom actions. Classroom actions are suggestions for long-term projects or quick in-class activities. The goal of these resources is to offer a flexible approach for teachers to engage students in discussions and to take action on a particular issue.

In the ocean plastics resource (EN, FR), students are challenged to think about how litter in their community might make its way to the ocean and how reducing their use of single-use plastics can have positive impacts on the planet. One action students may choose to complete is creating an awareness campaign to educate others about the impacts of single-use plastics on ocean health. In the textiles resource (EN, FR), students explore the impacts of fast fashion and how thrifting or swapping can reduce the amount of textiles being sent to landfill. Finally, in the climate change resource (EN, FR), students learn how landfills emit greenhouse gases and undertake activities to improve the diversion of organics within their school or wider community.

Find all the Divert NS Waste Not News video on the Learning section of our webpage. Waste Not News is the go-to place for information and resources on waste diversion in Nova Scotia! Check back frequently for school-related diversion information, engaging content, and new educational resources.