Mobius Awards of Environmental Excellence


Nova Scotia is known as a leader in waste reduction thanks to the achievement and efforts of many innovative Nova Scotians. Each year, Divert NS hosts the Mobius Awards of Environmental Excellence to celebrate and recognize these important environmental leaders. The Mobius Awards recognize large and small businesses, community groups, institutions, and individuals from across the province. One of the most exciting award categories is the Emerging Environmental Leader. This award is given to a rising environmental champion (age 30 or under) who goes above and beyond to encourage waste reduction among their peers. 

Stella Bowles 2017 Mobius Award winner

In 2017, at the age of 13 Stella Bowles was awarded the Emerging Environmental Leader Mobius Award for her research and commitment to stopping raw sewage from polluting the LaHave River. “I want everyone to know that we all individually have the power to create change” says Bowles. Learn more about Stella’s inspiring story here.

Kate Pepler 2018 Mobius Award winner

In 2018, zero-waste champion Kate Pepler won the award. Kate founded a zero-waste coffee shop, bulk store, and community space in Halifax called The Tare Shop. The Tare Shop allows customers to shop for everything they need without the extra plastic packaging! Learn more about reducing single-use plastic packaging with this Grade 6 Learning Experience.  

Divert NS is proud to recognize the incredible efforts of youth in Nova Scotia through the Emerging Environmental Leader award. Nova Scotia youth represent the future of sustainability in our province and are inspiring advocates for change. This year, the Mobius Awards will be held on November 1st at the Halifax Convention Centre. Find out more about the awards and past Mobius Award winners and champions here.