Ocean Action Zone

Divert NS has teamed up with the Discovery Centre to inspire environmental change-makers of all ages in a Divert NS Ocean Action Zone exhibit at the Discovery Centre on the Halifax waterfront.

With the look and feel of a working research lab, visitors approaching the exhibit start by exploring samples of waste found during a local shoreline clean-up to understand and appreciate the impact of waste once it enters the ocean. As visitors explore further, they take a deeper dive into the story of plastics within our oceans, learning how it gets there, its long lifespan, and its impact on us and aquatic life.

The Divert NS Ocean Action Zone aims to inspire young people to feel empowered and take action in their community—to reduce the waste that is making its way into our oceans.

Plan your visit to the Discovery Centre today.

Passionate about Reducing Ocean Plastic?

Everyone can do their part to help keep our oceans clean. Learn more about what you can do, and make your pledge to make a difference.

Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Did you know that plastic drink bottles and caps are one of the top-ten most collected items in shoreline cleanups?

Carrying a reusable water bottle prevents plastic drink bottles from entering the ocean. If you use plastic bottles, return them for a refund and recycling at your nearest Enviro-Depot™.

Pick Up Litter around My Home, My School or the at Beach

Once plastic gets in our oceans, it stays forever.

Picking it up before it reaches the ocean helps make sure that plastic waste is disposed of properly.

Find more tips on how to refuse waste here.

Choose Products with Less Packaging

Did you know that 1/3 of plastic used in Canada comes from packaging and other short-lived plastic?

When shopping, choosing items with less packaging can make a big difference in how much plastic your family throws away.

Find more tips on how to refuse waste here.

Use Reusable Bags When Shopping

Did you know that Canadians use up to 15 billion plastic bags per year?

Reduce that number by refusing single-use plastic or paper bags, and carrying your own reusable bag instead.

It’s time for reusable bags to make a comeback. Reusable Bag Tips.

Refuse Single-use Straws and Cutlery

Did you know that single-use cutlery is not recycled in NS? And straws are garbage too!

Choose reusable straws and cutlery that can be washed and reused again.

Find more tips on how to refuse waste here.

Use a Reusable Mug

Did you know that even paper to-go cups have a plastic lining that prevents them from being recycled easily?

A reusable mug keeps your drink hotter and can be used over and over again.

Find more tips on how to refuse waste here.

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