Sorting Signage

Divert NS has developed a set of colour-coded sorting signs to help Nova Scotians manage waste in public places.

Print your own signage
Click the links below to print your own signage. Please note: Under no circumstance is the user allowed to alter the sorting signs (no additional logos, resizing, recolouring, or similar acts). Signage files are provided free of charge. The user incurs all costs of printing, distributing and installing signage. Divert NS reserves all copyright for the sorting signs.

Order signage
Printed copies of the bilingual and French signs are available free of charge, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and available in two sizes: mini (5x7”) and regular (8.5x11”). To order copies from Divert NS, use the Order Form (PDF). Please note: fees may apply for orders of large quantities.

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