Bin Guidelines

Source separation containers (bins) should be accessible, clean and aesthetically pleasing. The colour of the bins, and even the shape and size of the openings, can improve effectiveness. Use the following bin design basics to promote the best use of your waste sorting station.



Bin Tips

  • To avoid bin cross-contamination, leave the garbage opening uncovered. Also, put a lid on the opening for organics, hinged on the flat side.
  • All bin openings should be easily accessible to everyone.
  • Slant the top of the bin, so waste cannot be left unsorted.
  • Line all containers with clear plastic bags so waste can be easily identified. When full, the organics must be emptied into the green bin and the bag put in the garbage.

Bin Location

Cluster bins together in a central, easily accessible location.
Separating bins in different parts of a room can result in confusion and

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