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Are you a producer under EPR for PPP?

For producers of packaging, paper products and packaging-like product, registration is now open. Registering with Divert NS is the first step in the transition to Nova Scotia’s new EPR for PPP program. Producers are required to register with Divert NS by January 1, 2024. Divert NS will take a flexible and supportive approach with those producers who may be challenged in meeting the registration deadline.

The registration process takes place on a Portal, similar to other provinces in Canada. It is a simple and quick task that takes about 15 minutes. The information required to register includes the name of company, Business Number business address and contact information.

Before registering, it may be helpful to review the Registration Guide that provides a detailed, step-by-step outline of the registration process.

Not every producer of packaging or paper products in Nova Scotia will meet the requirements of EPR for PPP. Information is provided below to help define an “obligated producer”.  There are also exemptions for smaller producers.



The Definition of Obligated Producer


In broad terms, obligated producers under the EPR for PPP Regulations are those producers that supply materials that are typically collected through municipal and other residential blue bag programs in Nova Scotia. These designated materials include packaging, paper products or packaging-like products comprised of paper, glass, metal or plastic, or a combination of these materials.

An obligated producer is one that distributes, sells or otherwise supplies designated materials in Nova Scotia. For example, an obligated producer can be the manufacturer of the material but can also be the importer. An obligated producer can be the provider of secondary packaging such as a box, plastic wrap or other recyclable material.

Another way of determining if you are a producer under the EPR for PPP program is by the following roles:

  • Brand Holder: If the brand holder of the designated material is resident in Canada, they are identified as the producer.
  • Importer: If there is no resident brand holder, the importer of the designated material, if resident in Nova Scotia, becomes the identified producer.
  • Retailer: If no brand holder or resident importer are identified, the retailer who supplied the designated material to the consumer becomes the producer.
  • Franchisor: If a producer designated materials is a business operated wholly or in part as a franchise, the producer is the franchisor if the franchisor has one or more franchises located in Nova Scotia.

Exemptions for Small Producers

The Nova Scotia Regulation identifies exemptions for small producers. Businesses are considered a small producer if their gross annual revenue in Nova Scotia is under $1 million or if their supply is less than one (1) tonne per year of designated materials in the province.  Businesses are required to maintain records to support your classification as a small producer.

There is also an exemption for societies, such as charities and benevolent, educational, sporting or artistic organizations that are registered under the NS Societies Act.

The basis year for determining exemptions is calendar year 2022. If a business has determined they are exempt they are not required to register.

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