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The Impact of Recycling

Did you know recycling beverage containers and tires has contributed $594.7 million dollars to Nova Scotia's economy since 1996? Here are a few more facts about how recycling beverage containers and tires impacts Nova Scotia's environment and economy*:

  • Avoided Landfill Space – recycling beverage containers and tires since 1996 has saved over 273,000 cubic metres of landfill space in Nova Scotia.
  • Greenhouse Gases Avoided – recycling beverage containers and tires saves over 40,000 tonnes of GHG emissions per year. This equates to removing 6,000+ cars each year from Nova Scotian roads.
  • Job Creation – the beverage container and tire recycling programs currently support 836 jobs and have created the equivalent of 13,252 full-time jobs since 1996.
  • Income Earned – those jobs equate to $29.2 million in wages earned in fisal 2017, and $453 million earned over since 1996.
  • Cost Savings – by recycling beverage containers and tires, Nova Scotians save $5.2 million annually in municipal curbside collection costs, totaling $91.8 million since 1996!

*facts compiled for Divert NS by independant consultants Gardner Pinfold. Updated for fiscal 2017.

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