Our Core Programs

Divert NS operates two primary recycling programs: The Beverage Container Deposit-Refund Program and the Used Tire Management Program. These two highly successful programs are the core of our business and have been embraced across Nova Scotia.

The Beverage Container Deposit-Refund Program includes 102 registered beverage distributors and 91 alcohol distributors, accounting for approximately 143,000 products available in Nova Scotia. Used beverage containers are collected through a network of independently owned and operated Enviro-Depots, which can be found in 79 locations across Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia boasts an impressive return rate for recycling — on average approximately 83% — which is one of the best in Canada.

For more details on the beverage container recycling program, click here.

Through the Used Tire Management Program, Nova Scotians responsibly recycle approximately 1 million used tires every year. The unwanted tires are collected from more than 960 registered tire retailers across Nova Scotia and currently delivered to a local processor who converts them into Tire Derived Aggregate. TDA is a multi-purpose product used in a variety of construction and engineering projects, such as under roads and around buildings for drainage.

For more details on the tire recycling program, click here.

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