Student Research Grants

Apply to have your solid waste research funded.

Divert NS provides grants for university students undertaking research related to waste management. The program supports projects that will increase the diversion of materials from our landfills, help identify efficiencies within the waste-resource management sector, or provide information about potential new end markets for waste-resources.

Who Can Apply 

The grants are for both graduate thesis research and final year honours undergraduate students. 

What the Funding Is For

These grants fund projects that will investigate, design and develop:

  • Materials or products that incorporate solid waste-resources.
  • Technologies that will facilitate the separation and recovery of solid waste-resources.
  • Solid waste reduction strategies.
  • Enhanced market opportunities for solid waste-resources and/or recycled materials.
  • Increased efficiency within the current Nova Scotia solid waste system.

If your research idea is suited to the Student Research Grant program, contact Divert NS for guidance and information on how to submit an application.

Once your application is ready, you can submit it to with the subject line: “Student Research Grant Funding Inquiry.”

“The process of applying for funding from Divert NS was a helpful and positive experience while just starting my graduate studies at Dalhousie University! I was first introduced to the opportunity of the funding project by my supervisor, Dr. Tony Walker, at the School for Resource and Environmental Studies. I reflect now, after some time has passed, on the serendipity of this research opportunity arising when it did, and how it happened to align very closely with my own research interests in Extended Producer Responsibility, for my own thesis! As I was just starting out on my master's journey, the application process was helpful for me to orient myself, as the scope of the project proposed by Divert NS was quite defined from the outset! My project has been focused on the potential implementation of an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program for packaging and printed paper (PPP) waste in Nova Scotia, which would require producers, instead of citizens, to finance the collection of such waste in municipal recycling programs. Specifically, the purpose of this project has been to explore and determine potential impacts of the implementation of such a program on the business community in Nova Scotia. I would definitely recommend other students pursue the funding opportunities that Divert NS makes available! It offers a pretty unique and enlightening opportunity to delve into a specific angle of a waste management topic.”

~ Avi Diggle, Dalhousie Student