Now, more than ever, it is easy to recycle. But it is also easier than ever to over-consume. There is a perception that “putting waste in the right bag” is the best thing we can do for the environment—this is actually the bare minimum. Finding end markets for recycled materials at home and around the world is challenging and it is having an impact here in Nova Scotia. We must change our behaviour to stop waste before it starts.

The little things we do every day can be either big problems or big solutions for our environment. The choice is ours!

Reduce: Food Waste

Food waste is a big problem. A recent waste audit demonstrated that food makes up 11.5% of what’s going into Nova Scotia's landfills. This is a strain on our environment—and our wallets. In fact, it is estimated that wasted food costs the average Canadian household $1,100 per year. Let’s do our part to help reduce food waste. Use these simple tips before, during and after grocery shopping to reduce the amount of food wasted and help you save money!

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