Where it Goes

Used clothes and household textiles are recyclable around the province through charitable donation drop-off locations, and some municipalities collect curbside.

Charitable donations are administered by the industry-led AFTeR program. Click here to find the textile collection sites near you. To find out if textiles are collected curbside, contact your municipality.

How it Works

Over 7,000 tonnes of textiles are recycled annually, however, another 30,000 tonnes still end up in Nova Scotian landfills. Old clothes, shoes, and accessories can have a new life in somebody else’s closet, and household bedding and other textiles can be recycled and used in a variety of different ways.

Association for Textile Recycling (AFTeR)

AFTeR began in 2013 as a group of organizations that collect used clothing to fund social causes such as helping children at risk, combatting disease, supporting marginalized citizens, and those facing crisis.

AFTeR Members:

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