Special Constable Status for Divert NS Stewardship Auditors

Divert NS is pleased to announce that Ann Fiddes and Wendy Deuville, auditors for our tire and beverage container stewardship programs, have been granted Special Constable status by the Province of Nova Scotia. This status allows Ann and Wendy to address non-compliance concerns by issuing warnings and summary offense tickets under Schedule 9A of the Solid Waste-Resource Management Regulations.


This new status will not impact the majority of tire retailers or beverage distributors. Rather, it helps Divert NS ensure that the stewardship audit process is transparent and fairly applied to all tire retailers and beverage distributors, and that all businesses selling passenger tires or distributing ready-to-serve beverages for sale in Nova Scotia are registered with us and following the same rules and regulations.

Special Constable enforcement activities for the Used Tire Management Program and the Beverage Container Deposit-Refund Program are effective April 1, 2017.

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