Funding Innovation: Making the Most of Compost

On July 12, recent funding recipients Dr. Gordon Price and Dr. Paul Arnold gave a tour of the Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus research site for their project to explore Innovative Approaches to Value-Added Product Capture from Composting Municipal Source-Separated Organics. Jeff MacCallum, CEO of Divert NS, toured the facilities with Divert NS Board Member Tom Taggart, and Brennan Gillis, Director of Business Development (NS) at MITACS.

The research project is a joint venture between Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus and Acadia University, for which Divert NS has provided $64,759 in funding. Other funding partners on the project include Hatch Engineering and MITACS.

Dr. Price and Dr. Arnold will investigate the viability of capturing the heat and carbon dioxide outputs from the aerobic compost process. Incorporating these traditionally lost outputs into a greenhouse setting could greatly enhance the capacity to grow horticultural crops outside of the normal growing season.

“We are excited to be working with Divert NS to examine a novel approach for using by-products from the composting of municipal organics. The research presents exciting opportunities to build local, sustainable food production systems,” said Dr. Price at the Divert NS Annual General Meeting on June 22, where he presented the scope of his research.

See below for photos of the tour:

From left to right: Jeff MacCallum, CEO, Divert NS; Brennan Gillis, Director of Business Development (NS) at MITACS; Tom Taggart, Divert NS Board Member; Paul Arnold, Assistant Professor, Ivan Curry School of Engineering at Acadia University; Gordon Price, Associate Professor, Innovative Waste Management Research Program at Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus; Carl Baillie, Engineer, Facilities Management at Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus; Jean Lynds, Farm Manager at Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus

Tour members on-site where research equipment (including a Hot-Rot composting system) will be housed

Dr. Gordon Price and Dr. Paul Arnold have ongoing compost research at Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus

Dr. Gordon Price showcased ongoing compost research projects to Divert NS CEO Jeff MacCallum

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