Divert NS Launches New Educational Resources

Education is key to Nova Scotia’s recycling and waste diversion success. Divert NS is proud to champion educational efforts that raise awareness and—more importantly—change behaviour. That's why we're excited to share our new collection of free lesson plans that connect recycling and waste diversion to the Nova Scotia curriculum outcomes of grades primary to six.

In early October, Divert NS visited the Municipality of East Hants to launch our new curriculum-aligned lesson plans at Cobequid District School in Noel. Andrea Trask, Solid Waste Manager with the municipality, delivered an engaging plan to the grade 5/6 class (pictured below) that focused on reusing and recycling textiles including old clothes, shoes, and even unmatched socks. Students created slogans on t-shirts to encourage the reuse of textiles. As a follow up activity they collected socks and other textiles from their entire school to be recycled. Find the lesson plan behind this fun activity along with other educational resources at

Pictured right: Andrea Trask, Solid Waste Manager at Municipality of East Hants; Alanna McPhee, Divert NS Director of Programs & Education; Pam McInnis, Divert NS Board Member; and Wayne Greene, Councillor, Municipality of East Hants


Each of the 25 lesson plans offers a unique learning opportunity for students—from investigating textiles recycling, to starting a backyard compost pile, to learning the connection between jellyfish and plastic bags. The plans connect to outcomes in a variety of subjects, with a focus on social studies, science, and English language arts.


  • Activity booklets: Fun activity booklets including word games, trivia and more to teach about reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  • School sorting guide: What goes where? A sorting guide for recycling and composting at school.
  • Bin signage: Free signage for schools, businesses, events, and residents to encourage proper waste sorting.

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