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As the agency responsible for promoting waste diversion and reduction in Nova Scotia, Divert NS works in partnership and collaboration with a variety of organizations across the province. Our strategic direction is closely aligned with Nova Scotia’s solid waste management strategy and regulations, as well as the seven solid waste management regions. We also work closely with other environmentally-minded organizations to enhance our province and our environment. With everyone working together, we are better able to reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover resources.

Nova Scotia Environment and Climate Change

Divert NS was established in 1996 as a not-for-profit fund under the Province of Nova Scotia’s Environment Act and is specifically outlined in the Solid Waste-Resource Management Regulations.

We work with Nova Scotia Environment and Climate Change to develop and implement programs to help Nova Scotia reach its waste diversion goals through funding and partnership.

Nova Scotia’s Solid Waste Management Regions

Divert NS is not involved with curbside collection — municipalities provide this service to Nova Scotians. However, we provide funding to the seven solid waste management regions on an annual basis. Each year we disperse a minimum of 70% of our net revenues to our municipal partners to help fund waste diversion programs, municipal approved programs, education and awareness contracts, enforcement, and other waste disposal programs.


Enviro-Depots are businesses that Divert NS partners with to collect beverage containers and provide refunds for the deposit-refund program in Nova Scotia. There are 78 Enviro-Depot™ locations across Nova Scotia, which in addition to beverage containers, collect a range of recyclable materials such as unwanted electronics, leftover paint, vehicle batteries, metals, and more. Find the ENVIRO-DEPOT™ closest to you.

Adopt-A-Highway Program

Help Your Community and Make a Visible Impact
Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) is a non-profit organization that is funded by Divert NS. They encourage volunteers to help their community by collecting litter and improving the appearance of roadsides, streets and interchange areas. The volunteer groups receive garbage bags, flagging tape, safety vests, a Litter Cleanup Permit, and assistance with garbage removal. The program started in Nova Scotia in 1992 and today there are over 170 groups participating across the province.

Great NS Pick Me Up
In 2019, the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway started delivering the Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up Program, Nova Scotia’s largest volunteer-driven community clean-up program. The program supports and promotes all types of litter clean-ups across the province (not just roadsides). With this addition, the Adopt-A-Highway will have more ways to fight the litter that plagues the province.

Want to get involved? Visit Adopt-A-Highway for more info on how to get started.

DirectioNS Council

DirectioNS Council for Vocational Services Society is a not-for-profit organization representing 30 member agencies throughout Nova Scotia. The Council’s mandate is to assist and support member organizations in the delivery of services that promote the abilities and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the everyday activities of their community. Agencies have a long history of participating in waste diversion with several agencies actively engaged in the reuse or recycling of items such as wood, textiles and household goods.

Following the success of the DirectioNS Virtual Summit in December, Directions Council and Divert NS have entered into a formal partnership agreement for 2021-2022. Divert NS is contributing $100,000 to Directions Council to finance the development and implementation of eligible waste diversion initiatives by their member agencies and/or approved partner agencies in Nova Scotia. Read more about this funding opportunity on the Divert NS LinkedIn page.

Clean Foundation

Inspiring Environmental Change
Clean Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1988. The organization provides the knowledge, tools, and inspiration needed to encourage the individual actions that add up to positive environmental change. They work for a clean climate and clean water – and to help reach these green goals, they foster and support clean leaders. Clean runs a variety of educational programs including Eddie’s Litterless Road Tour and Eddie’s Litterless Quest, which are funded in part by Divert NS. These puppet shows encourage youth across the province to put litter in its place.

Clean Leadership Summer Internship Program
Divert NS has proudly supported Clean Foundation's Clean Leadership Summer Internship Program since 2019. The program provides internships and educates youth on opportunities available to them in Nova Scotia’s green economy. In 2021, Divert NS is providing $150,000 to fund 11 summer internships with municipalities, waste authorities, and organizations involved in solid waste management.

Video created in 2020 by Clean Foundation.

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