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Business Innovators Come Together at Summit

Business Innovators Come Together at Summit

On October 11, Divert NS hosted the Business Innovators Summit to promote and showcase innovative waste diversion companies in Nova Scotia; encourage collaboration opportunities to help the industry grow; and stimulate discussion about new business opportunities in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is a recognized leader in recycling and waste diversion, and there are many businesses across the region who contribute to this culture of recycling. From paint recycling at Laurentide in Amherst, to recycled paper products at CKF in Hantsport – business innovators across the province had a voice at the summit.  

“We look forward to events like these to highlight how we all work together – with government, academia, funding partners, and like-minded businesses, all with the goal to improve the waste management system for all Nova Scotians,” said Jeff MacCallum, Divert NS CEO at the summit held in Dartmouth, NS.

Attendees took part in networking sessions, shared insights, and listened to two business panels over the course of the day. Over 60 individuals came together to share their own experiences in Nova Scotia’s waste diversion economy.

Nevin MacKay, Purchasing Lead at BWAY in Springhill, was at the event and made important new industry connections. He said the information and contacts will help with sourcing recycled material from local vendors. "The summit was very helpful with building a goal for the future.  We made some positive connections [...] with a few companies, such as SF Rendering and Pubnico Plastics," MacKay said.  

Divert NS has a demonstrated record of successful summits that bring together stakeholders to make a difference. The Business Innovators Summit built on that success through sharing the collective successes and challenges that face innovative waste diversion companies in our region.

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Photos from the event are available here. (Note: Photos are copyright Divert NS 2017. If you download and share photos, please credit Divert NS.

Hosting and facilitation were provided at the Business Innovators Summit by NATIONAL Public Relations.

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