Enviro-Depot™ of the Year

The annual Enviro-Depot™ of the Year awards recognize and celebrate the Enviro-Depots across Nova Scotia who go above and beyond in customer service and employee relations, engage and support their community, and participate in Divert NS depot initiatives. The awards are presented in two categories: Large  Enviro-Depot™ of the Year and Small Enviro-Depot™ of the Year.

Congratulations to Large Depot of the Year: Paper Chase Bottle Exchange and Small Depot of the Year: New Germany Enviro Center!

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Large Depot of the Year: Paper Chase Bottle Exchange Ltd., Yarmouth

This Enviro-Depot™ has demonstrated leadership and partnership to help build the Enviro-Depot™ network, as well as their community. Peter and Dorothy Hadley’s visionary way of running a company sets a benchmark that is second to none. The staff at Paper Chase is a close-knit group and their morale is evident through their interactions with each and every customer. Paper Chase goes above and beyond for their employees, customers, fellow depots, community and business associates. They are involved with over 50 local charities, raising over $8,500 in the last year and another $9,000 with their bottle drives. Paper Chase also makes their own financial contributions throughout the year, beyond their community involvement.

Pictured left to right: Nicholas Deveau; Jeff MacCallum, Divert NS CEO; Peter and Dorothy Hadley, Paper Chase Bottle Exchange owners, Chantal Thibeault, Paper Chase General Manager


001  New  Germany  Enviro

Small Depot of the Year: New Germany Enviro Center

This small Enviro-Depot™ takes great pride in connecting with the New Germany community, whether through their Facebook page or daily face-to-face interaction at the depot. They even have a table stocked with freshly baked goods every Monday and Friday that is a draw for a lot of customers. This depot also gives back to the community through donations they collect for the local elementary school’s hot breakfast program and the Lion’s Club. The New Germany Enviro Center is known for its cleanliness. Customers are always commenting that it is the cleanest depot they have ever visited. New Germany Enviro Center is an inspiration for small businesses everywhere! 

Pictured: Jeff MacCallum, Divert NS CEO, and Shelley Zinck, New Germany Enviro Center owner

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