Enviro-Depot™ Contest

Each year, Divert NS holds an Enviro-Depot™ Contest to raise awareness about recycling and the beverage container deposit-refund program, and to encourage Nova Scotians to visit their local Enviro-Depot™.


Enviro-Depots are locally owned, small businesses in your community. They are a key component in our province's beverage container recycling system. They collect beverage containers from the public and provide refunds on behalf of Divert NS.

Thanks to the depot system, the beverage containers collected are very clean because they do not mingle with other waste. That means a higher quality product for our end markets.

If any beverage container ends up in landfill that resource will be lost forever, AND it takes up valuable space in our landfills.

The Enviro-Depot™ Contest challenged Nova Scotians to test their Enviro-Depot™ recycling knowledge to enter to win one cash prize of $500 and two cash prizes of $250. Entrants did not have to answer the quiz questions correctly to be eligible to win—rather, we wanted people to learn more about the Enviro-Depot™ recycling network.

The winners were selected randomly. Click here to watch this year’s winner announcement video.

  • The $500 grand prize winner: Craig Arthur from Hammonds Plains
  • The runner-up winner of $250: Amanda Carter from Beaver Bank
  • The runner-up winner of $250: Emily Martinello from Halifax

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the 2021 Enviro-Depot™ Contest.

Stay tuned for the 2022 contest next March.

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