Enviro-Depot™ Funding

Interest-free loans to improve Enviro-Depot™ infrastructure.

Divert NS provides interest-free loans to Enviro-Depot™ owners to improve operations and facilities used for Divert NS programs and activities.

Who Can Apply

Enviro-Depot™ owners across Nova Scotia are eligible to apply for this funding.

Eligible Costs

  • New or upgraded equipment or software necessary to meet operational requirements for Divert NS programs
  • Studies to improve efficiencies
  • Pilot projects to determine the effectiveness of new procedures or equipment
  • Buildings, including improvements to existing structures, additions or separate storage
  • Occupational health and safety training
  • In-kind contributions that are essential to the project and represent fair market value

Enviro-Depot™ owners can contact Divert NS for guidance and information on how to submit an application.

Once your application is ready, you can submit it to info@divertns.ca with the subject line: “Enviro-Depot™ Funding Inquiry.”

Enviro-Depot™ Funding Download

“After experiencing a partial roof collapse at our Enviro-Depot™ during a bad winter, the Enviro-Depot™ Infrastructure Funding Program enabled us to reinsulate and replace our roof, lowering our heating costs. The building is now leak-proof and warmer, our staff very much appreciate. Also, the building is now more attractive and inviting to our customers. We would highly recommend this program to other depot operators and would do it again!”

- David and Lorele Gallant, E.T. Bottle Exchange