Partner Programs

Divert NS works closely with its partners Clean Foundation and the Adopt-A-Highway Program to enhance the province and its environment. With their help, Divert NS is better able to reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover resources.

Clean Foundation

Inspiring Environmental Change

The Clean Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1988. The organization provides the knowledge, tools, and inspiration needed to encourage the individual actions that add up to positive environmental change. They work for a clean climate and clean water – and to help reach these green goals, they foster and support clean leaders. Clean runs a variety of programs including the following programs funded in part by Divert NS:

  • The Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up: Providing materials and information necessary to conduct effective litter clean-ups
  • Ship-to-Shore: Engaging harbours and commercial fishers on the topic of waste management of harbours and on fishing vessels
  • Eddie the Puppet’s Litterless Road Tour: Encouraging youth across the province to put litter in its place

Adopt-A-Highway Program

Help Your Community and Make a Visible Impact

Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) is a non-profit organization that is entirely funded by Divert NS. They encourage volunteers to help their community by collecting litter and improving the appearance of roadsides, streets and interchange areas. The volunteer groups receive garbage bags, flagging tape, safety vests, a Litter Cleanup Permit, and assistance with garbage removal. The program started in Nova Scotia in 1992 and today there are over 170 groups participating across the province.

Want to get involved? Visit Adopt-A-Highway for more info on how to get started.