Each year, Divert NS holds an ENVIRO-DEPOT Contest to raise awareness about recycling and the beverage container deposit-refund program, and to encourage Nova Scotians to visit their local ENVIRO-DEPOT™.

The ENVIRO-DEPOT™ Don't Trash Your Cash Contest

By recycling your beverage containers at your local ENVIRO-DEPOT™, you not only help the environment, but you help yourself, too! For every beverage container you return to an ENVIRO-DEPOT™, you’ll get a refund...

From March 13 to 31, 2017, Nova Scotians told us how they use beverage container refunds, entering to win the grand prize of $500 or two runner-up prizes of $250!

ENVIRO-DEPOTTM Contest Winners 2017

This spring, Dustin Peterson from Dayton won the Don’t Trash Your Cash $500 grand prize, and runner-up entrants, Melissa Fulton from Fort Ellis and Carol LeBlanc from Arcadia, both won $250! Stay tuned for next year's Depot contest in early 2018.

Tnt Depot Winner 2017