Our Partners

As the agency responsible for promoting waste diversion and reduction in Nova Scotia, Divert NS works in partnership and collaboration with a variety of organizations across the province. Our strategic direction is closely aligned with Nova Scotia’s solid waste management strategy and regulations, as well as the seven solid waste management regions.

Nova Scotia’s Solid Waste Management Regions

Divert NS provides funding to the seven solid waste management regions listed below on an annual basis. Each year we disperse a minimum of 70% of our net revenues to our municipal partners to help fund waste diversion programs, municipal approved programs, education and awareness contracts, and other waste disposal programs. However, Divert NS is not involved with curbside collection — municipalities provide this service to Nova Scotians.

Nova Scotia Department of the Environment

Divert NS was established in 1996 as a not-for-profit fund under the Province of Nova Scotia’s Environment Act and is specifically outlined in the Solid Waste-Resource Management Regulations.

We work with the Department of the Environment to develop and implement programs to help Nova Scotia reach its waste diversion goals through funding and partnership.


Enviro-Depots are businesses that Divert NS partners with to collect beverage containers and provide refunds for the deposit-refund program in Nova Scotia. There are 78 Enviro-Depots across Nova Scotia, which in addition to beverage containers, collect a range of recyclable materials such as unwanted electronics, leftover paint, vehicle batteries, metals, and more. Find the ENVIRO-DEPOT™ closest to you.